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An alternative to Oly-Ola's popular Black Edg-Knight style, Black Jack is the indutry's best single V-lip edging. Without compromising quality, this edging was designed to be slightly smaller, making it a more economical option helping you win those close bids.

Black Jack is made with high grade, recycled polyethylene, with no fillers or blown in material. It is made to last!

Pure polyethylene with 3.5% - 4% carbon black concentrate added for UV stabilization, MDPE with a melt factor under 2

5 pieces per flat bundle

20 feet of edging, 4 steel stakes and 1 crosslock connector
Each Piece Includes:

4.75 inches

20 Feet
.07 to .09 Inches
5.6 lbs
Per piece
Approximate Weight:

28 lbs
Per 20’ bundle
1 inch diameter
Round Top

Single V-lip
Anchoring Style

Also available in 10 ft. lengths
OVERLAP METHOD (for joining pieces)    See the how-to video - click here
1. Cut off a 4” section of the round bead on one of the edging pieces and a 4” section of the v-lip on the other piece with a metal snip, utility knife or saw.
2. Use the connector that comes with the edging to join the two sections. Overlapping the two pieces of edging.
3. Drive the steel anchoring stake through both sections at a 45 degree angle toward the turf or outside portion of the bed.

Our unique Crosslock Connector is provided exclusively by Oly-Ola with all of our roundtop style edgings*. Our connectors are not universal. Be sure to verify the product stamp before attempting to install them.

* Not available for Trim-Line


Edging: Dig a trench 5 inches deep along the lawn or bed edge. Place the edging in the trench and anchor it with stakes as indicated above. Use only Oly-Ola’s exclusive crosslock connector when joining two lengths of edging together and be sure to use the overlap method pictured above.

Staking: Pound a stake through the edging wall every 4 feet at a 45 degree angle. The stake should be installed at about the midway point of the wall. Pound the stake through the edging but be sure to leave 2 inches undriven to allow for resistance on both sides of the wall. Use extra stakes when securing joints and curves. Do not make the mistake of using too few stakes, especially when the ground is exposed to cold temperatures.

Landscape Architects: Please use our (800) 334-4647 phone number on all specifications.
This will allow us to help the contractor bid the job properly.

For pricing information call or email us

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