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Our accessories keep the edgings connected and in the ground where they belong!

To complement each of our edging products, we offer high quality anchoring stakes and connectors. Our “Made in the USA” stakes and connectors are manufactured with the same care and quality control as our edgings.

  • Connectors are used to join two pieces of edging together.
  • Corners allow you to join two edging pieces and make a 90 degree corner.
  • Stakes are required with all in-ground applications to keep the edging in the ground. See below for more information.


When joining lengths of Oly-Ola's landscape edgings and paver restraints, make sure to use Oly-Ola's connectors to keep them 'connected'.

Crosslock Connector, 1.5 inch H-Clip, 5.5 inch H-clip, Connecting Cap, Tube Insert

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90 Degree Corners

Our 90 degree corners are made and designed to create a virtually seamless right angle when joining two pieces of edging together.

Edg-KingTM, Black Edg-KnightTM, Black JackTM

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Stakes are a necessary component when installing Oly-Ola's landscape and paver edgings. Oly-Ola has partnered with a metal fabricator to engineer highly effective stakes to complement our high quality products.

9 inch Stake, 14 inch Stake

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