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Teco-EdgTM is the first of its kind and unlike any other edging available; a true "green" alternative. Although it was originally designed as an edge restraint for green roofs, the versatility of Teco-EdgTM allows it to be used for many more applications, such as permeable pavers, aggregate paths, vertical green walls, modular planting systems, synthetic turfs, poured rubber surfaces, concrete forming, and more...
Available in Rigid & Flexible styles, 10 ft. lengths

Comes standard with drainage slots and multi-purpose stake holes (optional upon request).
* Custom heights and widths may be available, speak with a sales associate for more details.

Category:  Permeable Paver Edging, Permeable Brick Edging, Permeable Pavement Edging

Connector = H-clip & Connecting Cap

There are many options when it comes to connecting two lengths of Teco-EdgTM. We offer PVC caps and H-Clips at an additional cost and they can be affixed with PVC glue to create a permanent hold. Wire or plastic zip ties can be used along with other fasteners. Additionally, Teco-EdgTM can be drilled and bolted for a less permanent connection.

Teco-EdgTM for Permeable Pavement Installations

As a permeable pavement edging, Teco-EdgTM defines and separates permeable pavers in hardscape construction projects which allows the movement of storm water through the paver surface, reduces runoff and traps suspended solids and filters pollutants from the water.

  • Constructed of heavy-duty 100% recycled PVC material, Teco-EdgTM is durable and easy-to-install. The sturdy 6 x 6-inch and 4 x 4-inch size, L-shaped profile, specially-engineered drainage slots and multi-purpose stake holes, makes Teco-EdgTM the ideal edging product for permeable paver construction projects.
  • Teco-EdgTM integrates easily with most geotextiles and many can be affixed directly to Teco-EdgTM.
  • Since course depths may vary depending on the project and material used, Teco-EdgTM is available in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.
  • Teco-EdgTMis a durable PVC plastic edging making it safer and more economical to use than aluminum and steel edging products.


Material: Black rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), carbon black concentrate and impact modifier
Packaging: 10 foot - 5 pieces per bundle (50 ft.)
Each Piece Includes: Edge restraint only - steel stakes and connecting clips sold separately at discount
Average Wall Thickness: .185 inches at elbow tapering to
.130 inches at the tip (+/- .025 in.)
Dimensions Per Piece: Depth = 4 - 6 inch vertical leg
Width = 4 - 6 inch horizontal leg
Approximate Weight: 4X4 rigid/flexible pc: 8.75/7.5 lbs.
4X4 rigid/flexible bdl: 43.75/37.5 lbs.
6X6 rigid/flexible pc: 12.5/11.25 lbs.
6X6 rigid/flexible bdl: 62.5/56.25 lbs.
Connection Type: Cap or H-Clip - Use PVC glue for permanent hold
Can be Formed with Heat: Yes - heat gun or propane torch (use caution on roof)
Available Styles(s): Flexible and rigid
Possible Leed Credit Contributions

In addition to being lightweight, durable and cost-effective, Teco-EdgTM is made from 100% recycled post-consumer material, contributing towards achieveing higher Recycled Content credits in regards to the USGBC's LEED Rating System...

Materials & Resources

  • Materials Reuse (Credit 3.1 & 3.2) 1-2 Points
    • Applies if edging is reused from prior install
  • Recycled Content (Credit 4.1 & 4.2) 1-2 Points
    • 100% recycled post-consumer material, rated at 100% of its total cost
  • Local Regional Material (Credit 5.1 & 5.2) 1-2 Points
    • If used within 500 miles of Alsip, IL