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90 Degree Corners

Our round top edging corners are made of No-Break Co-Polymer Polypropylene and are designed to create a virtually seamless right angle when joining two pieces of edging together. Make sure you have these accesories available to sell along with your edging.

King Corner:  Edg-KingTM
Jack Corner:  Black Edg-KnightTM, Black JackTM


Material: No-Break Co-Polymer Polypropylene
Packaging: Per piece
50 count box
Approximate Weight: Per piece (King): 3.2 oz.
Per piece (Jack): 3.8 oz.
50 count box (King): 11 lbs.
50 count box (Jack): 13.5 lbs.
Available Styles(s): Edg-KingTM
Black JackTM/Black Edg-KnightTM
Install the corners as pictured here. Be sure to use stakes and pierce both the corner tabs and the edging to ensure that the joint stays connected and virtually seamless. Do not pound the stake all the way against the edging, leave two inches of the stake head sticking out to increase resistance against frost heave (see image). A polyethylene approved adhesive may be used to provide additional securing strength or small screws may be screwed through the round bead and the tube insert.