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Customer Testimonials

"For almost 20 years, I have been using Oly-Ola’s Bric-EdgTM on sidewalk and patio projects and I have never had a recall on any of the installations. The edging stays under the pavers and doesn’t move out like the other edging products."

Brian Rice - Owner
Pavers Inc.,  

“We recommend Oly-Ola's Teco-EdgTM as a highly successful and integral component of the Green Infrastructure Bioswale Construction. Durable and easy to install!"

Matthew DiVittorio
JPL Corporation,  

"Oly-Ola provides unmatched quality and excellent products along with prompt delivery.  We have been very happy with Oly-Ola products and would highly recommend them to anyone."

Rob Grosteffon - Owner
Outdoor Landscape Imaging,  

"Oly-Ola: great product, great people, great service!"

Mike Doyle - Owner
Doyle Brick Paving,  

"Witchita Valley Landscape has been an Oly-Ola customer for over ten years. We particularly like Oly-Ola's 6" high Super-Edg landscape edging. With its super high quality construction, Super-Edg requires little maintenance and outlasts all other landscape edgings by many years.


We are located in North Central Texas where Bermuda Grass is the lawn grass of choice.  Because Bermuda Grass is hard to contain, it laughs at 4" edgings so the only edging product we have been able to use successfully is Super-Edg.  Oly Ola is a great company to work with and I cannot say enough good things about them."

Nila Dowlearn - Owner
Wichita Valley Landscape,