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Customer Testimonials

"We loved Teco-Edg's superior design. The edging is exceptionally durable, with just the right amount of flexibility and stand-up strength for this project. Our design plan was tricky because we needed to retain slightly raised beds and form crisp lines to separate our glass colors. We highly recommend it! My cement crew is also eyeing Teco-Edg for other cement work and gardening applications"

Kelly Mayo
The Enchanted Gardener,  

“We use Oly‐Ola Edgings, Inc. because their products are easy to use and durable. Over the past 70 years, we have installed many types of edging products. However, Oly‐Ola’s edgings are the strongest and most manageable to work with. We also use Oly‐Ola Edgings because of their excellent customer service and fast turnaround time. They even go the extra step and call after orders are received to see if we had any problems and if everything is the way we expected it”

Andy Vande Hey - President
Vande Hey Company, Inc.,  

“Congratulations on 40 years! Last year was our 40th year in business, so we fully appreciate what it takes to survive in an ever changing business climate! It's truly been a pleasure doing business with everyone at Oly-Ola...Great product and great customer service! Thank you and Congratulations!”

Chestnut Hill Nursery,  

“Congrats on 40 years! House of Rocks has grown alongside of Oly-Ola since our inception in 1984 and have always been extremely satisfied with the quality of product and the level of service we receive. Looking forward to several more years of partnership!”

Adam Burkiewicz
House of Rocks,  

“Happy 40th from your customers @ Wheeler Landscape Supply we have been a customer for the last 33 years plus. The employees at Oly-Ola have been nothing but fantastic, not to mention that in the 33 years plus we haven’t had one of our customers complain. The product is outstanding! Congratulation on your first 40 years!”

Kevin M. Scott - General Manager
Wheeler Landscape Supply,