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The Edging Handbook – Vol. III

The Complete Guide to Paver Restraints,
Landscape Edgings and Specialty Edgings

The 14-page Edging Handbook Vol. III includes:

  • 'The Truth About 'Plastic' Edging' - Find out why all plastic edgings are not created equal.
  • 'Understanding the Options' - an easy-to-use comparison chart outlining edgings options and benefits.
  • Step-by-step installation photos and descriptions.
  • Tips and techniques for using edging products.
  • Product specifications on our complete line of paver restraints, specialty edgings, round top landscape edgings, low profile edgings, and accessories.
  • Detailed information on Oly-Ola's 20 Year Guarantee and Hassle-free Shipping Promise.
plastic edging handbook vol 2

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