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landscape edging install - connect pieces - Oly-Ola

The edgings we manufacture at Oly-Ola come in various lengths and sizes, and consequently, the way in which they are joined together also varies. Below are the various connectors we sell to accompany our edgings. The accessory items we sell are commercial grade and manufactured with the same care and quality control as our edgings. Like our edgings, they are made to last.
lawn edging insert - oly-ola crosslock

Crosslock Connector

Our crosslock connector is yet another great reason to install Oly-Ola landscape edgings. When used in conjunction with our overlap method, it eliminates gapping, a common unsightly problem where two lengths of edging come together. Our unique crosslock connector fits securely into the round bead of our edgings and allows for a seamless joint. When installed according to Oly-Ola's proven methods, the connections you make will not only last, but they will be virtually undetectable.

Edg-KingTM, Black Edg-KnightTM, Black JackTM

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lawn edging tube insert  - Trim-Line by Oly-Ola

Trim-lineTM Connector

Due to its smaller profile, the crosslock connector (above) does not fit the Trim-Line. Use the provided connector (tube insert) to connect pieces of Trim-Line. The connector can be fixed in place using a poly approved adhesive or small screws. We recommend Bondit B-45TH by Reltek. As with all of our round top style edgings, be sure to use the overlap method when joining two lengths together.


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edging connecting cap - landscape and paver edgings

Connecting Cap

This connecting cap is used to join Slim-EdgTM or Teco-EdgTM pieces together by placing the clip over the top of the edging. Nice clean finish edge with this connecting cap. We recommend using an approved adhesive for a permanent hold.

Slim-EdgTM, Teco-EdgTM

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Edging connector - h-clip by Oly-Ola

5.5 Inch H-clip

This PVC H-clip can be used to join Super-Edg or Teco-Edg pieces together. It is recommended that you use PVC cement to strengthen the connection.

Super-EdgTM, Teco-EdgTM

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edging connector clip

1.5 Inch H-clip

This PVC H-clip works great to join each of our paver restraints together. For a more permanent hold, we recommend using a PVC cement.

All paver restraints

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