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lawn edging experts for 45 years

2023 Marks 45 Years of Edging Innovations


Celebrated 45 years (almost a half of a century) of supplying landscape edgings and paver restraints to landscape contractors and architects!


Celebrated 40 years of supplying landscape edgings and paver restraints to landscape contractors and architects!


Formed New Oly-Ola Global division to provide specialized advice and services to international landscape architect and contractor customers.


Announced “Hassle-Free Shipping Promise”: Make sure that an edging order arrives complete, undamaged and on time. Maintain a large inventory 12 months a year. No back-orders. Handle problem deliveries directly.


Updated our product guarantee and added 5 more years making our 20 Year Product Guarantee the landscape industry's best guarantee.


Introduced two styles of Teco-Edg™, the landscape industry's first 6x6 inch and 4x4 inch heavy duty 100% recyclable paver restraints for green roofs, permeable paver and stone walkway installations.


Launched a series of “How-To” videos that provide practical tips for joining, shaping and installing Oly-Ola’s 100% recycled, durable, and flexible landscape edgings and paver restraints.


Created eye-catching POP Counter Top Display exclusively for independent retail nurseries and garden center customers featuring built-in promotional literature holders and pre-cut slots to display 11 labeled paver and landscape edging samples.


Created a new corporate logo to symbolize our commitment to provide high-quality landscape edging products for their customers so they can produce exceptional and creative landscape designs and increase their profit margins.


Introduced Stone-Edg™, 1 inch high “L”-shaped edge restraint for architectural stone hardscape projects. Installs next to tumbled marble, bluestone, flagstone, quartzite and hardscape architectural stone.


Committed to only using 100% recycled reprocessed raw materials from high quality post- industrial and post-consumer plastics to make landscape edgings and paver restraints stronger and more durable than other vinyl edging products more eco-friendly.


Announced our mascot, Edgar Edg, as the newest industry expert in the field of landscape edging and paver restraints.


Changed name to OLY-OLA EDGINGS, INC. to reflects our commitment to providing premium edging products for landscape architects and contractors worldwide.


Introduced Bulldog-Edg™, an extra heavy-duty landscape edging and paver restraint designed for tough paver restraint and landscape edging jobs, features a unique new “L” shape design and innovative stake holes that make it easy to use and install.


Introduced EDG-KEEPERTM for PONDS to use a variety of materials around the edge of ponds and water gardens.


Designed and introduced new connectors to replace inefficient round tubular connectors - the Cross-Lock Connector fits securely into the round bead of our edgings to create a seamless joint.


Introduced a low-profile alternative for customers who like the safety and function of polyethylene round top landscape edging but need a more discreet dividier, Slim-Edg™ features a low-profile top and grooved bottom which gives it superior frost heave resistance.


Set up a dedicated 1-800-EDGINGS phone number so that customers can easily remember the number and quickly contact us.


Introduced low-profile round top edging, Trim-Line™ featuring a single V-lip anchoring system and its 1/2 inch round bead makes for less visible bed divider.


Added to paver restraint line with the introduction of 1.5 inch high Shallow BRIC-EDG II™ Paver Restraint with “No Back Lip” feature.


Introduced Bric-Edg II™ with the same "L"-shaped design but without the .25 inch backlip for landscapers who prefer installing the restraint outside the paver.


Introduced Shallow Bric-Edg™, a slightly smaller version of Bric-Edg™ and a more cost effective paver edging. It’s 1.5 inch height makes it ideal for restraining shallow pavers, patio blocks, flagstone, and even slate.


Introduced Bric-Edg™, the first “L”-shaped paver edging that installs underneath pavers.


Committed to sell edgings exclusively through landscape distribution centers, landscape contractors, architects and independent nursery/garden centers and not to sell to big box stores.


Designed and introduced strong, sturdy, non-bending and pointed steel anchoring stakes that does not bend, replaces railroad spike/nail and makes installation easier.


Introduced Black-Jack™, a more economical 4.75 inch high single v-lip round top landscape edging with a 1 inch bead.


Black-Edg Knight™ is added to the Round-Top Landscape Edging line with a 5 inch height , 1 inch bead and a double V-lip anchoring system that prevents frost heave better than any other V-lip styles.


Introduced 6 inch high low-profile landscape edging Super-Edg™. Provides nearly invisible, strong, durable landscape border and combines the safety features of vinyl with the look of metal.


Established strongest guarantee in the landscape industry 15-Year 100% PLUS GUARANTEE includes all freight and labor costs.


Oly-Ola Sales, Inc. is founded. Newly-designed landscape edging products, Edg-King™ and Edg-Queen™ are launched. At that time, the existing landscape edging was flimsy and sported a V-lip bottom which easily popped out of the ground. Made heavy duty with four horizontal grooves, Edg-King is installed with railroad nails at a 45 degree angle to stay firmly planted in the ground. Rolled and in a box, Edg-Queen was made primarily for garden center customers.


Thank you to some of our long-standing customers for sharing good wishes and joining in our 45 Year Celebration!

You can read some of their messages below.

"We loved Teco-Edg's superior design. The edging is exceptionally durable, with just the right amount of flexibility and stand-up strength for this project. Our design plan was tricky because we needed to retain slightly raised beds and form crisp lines to separate our glass colors. We highly recommend it! My cement crew is also eyeing Teco-Edg for other cement work and gardening applications"

Kelly Mayo The Enchanted Gardener

“We use Oly‐Ola Edgings, Inc. because their products are easy to use and durable. Over the past 70 years, we have installed many types of edging products. However, Oly‐Ola’s edgings are the strongest and most manageable to work with. We also use Oly‐Ola Edgings because of their excellent customer service and fast turnaround time. They even go the extra step and call after orders are received to see if we had any problems and if everything is the way we expected it”

Andy Vande Hey - President Vande Hey Company, Inc.

“Congratulations on 40 years! Last year was our 40th year in business, so we fully appreciate what it takes to survive in an ever changing business climate! It's truly been a pleasure doing business with everyone at Oly-Ola...Great product and great customer service! Thank you and Congratulations!”

Tracey Chestnut Hill Nursery

“Congrats on 40 years! House of Rocks has grown alongside of Oly-Ola since our inception in 1984 and have always been extremely satisfied with the quality of product and the level of service we receive. Looking forward to several more years of partnership!”

Adam Burkiewicz House of Rocks

“Happy 40th from your customers @ Wheeler Landscape Supply we have been a customer for the last 33 years plus. The employees at Oly-Ola have been nothing but fantastic, not to mention that in the 33 years plus we haven’t had one of our customers complain. The product is outstanding! Congratulation on your first 40 years!”

Kevin M. Scott - General Manager Wheeler Landscape Supply

“After decades of usage I would like to give thanks to Oly-Ola Edgings for their Edg-King product. Its design has brilliantly solved the problem with other edging types that frost heave out of the ground. Keep up the good work.”

Gary Klooster - Owner/Operator Klooster Landscaping, Inc.