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Crosslock Connector

Our crosslock connector is truly one of a kind. It solves a common unsightly problem, gapping where two lengths of edging come together. Our unique crosslock connector fits securely into the round bead of our edgings and allows for a seamless joint. When used in conjunction with our overlap method (see below), the connections you make will not only last, but they will be virtually undetectable.

King Connector:  Edg-KingTM
Jack Connector:  Black Edg-KnightTM, Black JackTM


Material: 50% High Impact Polystyrene
50% Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene
Packaging: Per piece
100 count box
250 count box
Approximate Weight: Per piece (King): .6 oz.
Per piece (Jack): .7 oz.
100 count box (King): 4.2 lbs.
100 count box (Jack): 4.7 lbs.
250 count box (King): 10.4 lbs.
250 count box (Jack): 11.4 lbs.
Available Styles(s): Edg-KingTM
Black JackTM/Black Edg-KnightTM

Installers can rotate Oly-Ola’s unique connector to adjust the fit. When looking at the connector’s end, it appears as a ‘+’. Inserted into the edging as a plus sign will give it a tighter fit. Rotate the plug 45 degrees and insert the plug as an ‘X’ (pictured here) and you will get a slightly looser fit.

* Avoid weak and unsightly joints by using the overlap method (see below), and by using Oly-Ola’s tight fitting, effective connector.

OVERLAP METHOD (for joining lengths): Guard Against Gapping and Frost Heave

1. Cut off a 4 inch section of the round bead at the top of one of the edging pieces with a metal snip, utility knife or saw.
2. Use our exclusive crosslock connector to join the two sections, while overlapping the two pieces of edging.
3. Drive 1 or 2 steel anchoring stakes through both sections at a 45 degree angle toward the turf or outside portion of the bed.