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Stone-EdgTM Flexible 1 inch high paver restraint

The first 1" high PVC paver restraint is the ideal restraint for architectural hardscape stones such as flagstone, bluestone, tumbled marble, slate, granite, quartzite, and more. Stone-EdgTM is a smaller version of Bulldog-EdgTM, an already great product; therefore, you know it is tough and flexible enough to handle all applications.

Stone-EdgTM is a major time saver since there is no need to dig or score the ground during installation. And as with each of our paver restraints, Stone-EdgTM can be installed against or under the stones or pavers. It is made of 100% recycled, high grade PVC without fillers or blown in material.

Available in Flexible style,  7.5 ft. or 15 ft. lengths

Connector = H-clip

This H-clip can be used with each of Oly-Ola's paver restraints. Use PVC cement at the joint for a permanent hold.

Category:  Paver Restraint, Paver Edging, Low-profile Edging



Install the bricks or pavers according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. If installing underneath the pavers, measure the final row of pavers before securing the paver restraint. When installing outside the pavers, simply butt the restraint up against the pavers. Once in place, secure the restraint with steel stakes.


Secure the restraint by staking it every 2 feet at minimum through the holes provided on the horizontal leg. When installing the restraint outside of the pavers, pound the stake at a 45 degree angle toward the pavers. When installing the restraint underneath the pavers, stake at a 90 degree angle until the top of stake is flush with the horizontal leg. Use extra stakes when securing joints and curves. Do not make the mistake of using too few stakes, especially when the ground is exposed to cold temperatures.

Thanks to our L-shaped design, you have install options.



Since our paver restraints are made of true PVC, they can be heated with a propane torch or heat gun and then bent to form 90 degree corners and other angles. Be sure to practice your technique on scrap pieces before applying it in the field.

It is not necessary to connect paver restraint pieces together if staked properly. However, our H-clip
connector works great with PVC glue to create a permanent hold.


Material: Black rigid polyvinyl chloride (PVC), carbon black concentrate and impact modifier
Packaging: 15 foot - 6 pieces per bundle (90 ft.)
7.5 foot - 12 pieces per bundle/box (90 ft.)
Average Wall Thickness: Vertical Leg = .175 - .185 inches
Horizontal Leg = .145 - .155 inches
Dimensions Per Piece: Depth = 1 inch vertical leg
Width = 2.5 inch horizontal leg
Can be Formed with Heat: Yes - heat gun or propane torch (Light Contact)
Approximate Weight: 15 ft. piece: 3.4 lbs. bundle: 20 lbs.
7.5 ft. piece: 1.7 lbs. bundle: 20 lbs.
7.5 ft. box: 24 lbs. (Includes 36 Stakes & 12 H-clips)
Connection Type: H-Clip (Sold Separately)
Staking: Vertically through provided holes using nail or Oly-Ola's 9.25 inch stake (Sold Separately)
Available Styles(s): Flexible only

Landscape Architects:   Please use our (800) 334-4647 phone number on all specifications.
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