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Super-EdgTM 6 in. low-profile edging

Unlike any other edging on the market, Super-EdgTM features a 6 inch deep low-profile design that makes it ideal for a variety of landscape applications, such as: defining flower beds, forming logos and patterns and can be used above ground at the base of fences to save time and money while string trimming.

Super-Edg's heavy-duty, 100% recycled PVC construction makes it safer and more economical than metal edgings. Super-EdgTM is manufactured with pre-cut slots for staking and they are spaced every 2 feet. Oly-Ola provides 1 stake for every 2 holes with your purchase. If your design is elaborate or has lots of joints/curves, we recommend purchasing extra stakes. Super-EdgTM is made with 100% recycled, high grade PVC, without fillers or blown in materials. It is made to last!

Available in 20 ft. lengths, 10 ft. lengths or 100 ft. roll

Connector = H-clip

For connecting lengths together, H-clips are provided that can be fixed in place using PVC cement.

Category:  Low-profile Edging, Lawn Edging, Bed Divider



Dig a trench 6 inches deep along the lawn or bed edge. Place the edging in the trench and anchor it with stakes as indicated above. Use the provided connecting clip when joining two lengths of edging together and be sure to use the connecting method pictured below.


Place a stake through the pre-cut slots parallel to the edging. The stake should be pounded until it will not go any further due to the width of the slot. Additional holes can be drilled to allow for extra stakes or spikes when securing joints and curves. Do not make the mistake of using too few stakes, especially when the ground is exposed to cold temperatures.

JOINING METHOD (for joining lengths): Guard Against Gapping and Frost Heave

1. Using a hacksaw, cut both pieces of edging leaving a stake slot 3” from the end. Apply PVC cement to both sides of the edging, front and back
2. Use the connecting H-clip that comes with the edging to join the two sections. Do this quickly before the glue sets.
3. Drive the 14” steel anchoring stake through both sections using the pre-cut slots until the stake cannot go any deeper.

Oly-Ola’s low-profile edgings can be heated with a heat gun or torch and then bent to form angles. Use less heat with Slim-EdgTM and practice on scrap pieces before applying in the field.


Packaging: 20 foot - 5 pieces per flat bundle
10 foot - 5 pieces per flat bundle
Boxed 100 foot roll (Includes 25 Stakes & 2 H-clips)
Material: Black rigid PVC, carbon black concentrate and impact modifier
Average Wall Thickness: .115 to .130 inches
Dimensions Per Piece: Length: 20 ft. Height: 6 in.
Length: 10 ft. Height: 6 in.
Dimensions Per Box: 28 in. X 28 in. X 7 in.
Can be Formed with Heat: Yes - heat gun or propane torch (Light Contact)
Connection Type: H-Clip (Sold Separately)
Staking: Vertically through the provided notch using Oly-Ola’s 14 inch stake (Sold Separately)
Approx. Weight: 20 ft. piece: 8.6 lbs.
20 foot bundle: 43 lbs.
10 foot piece: 4.5
10 foot bundle: 22.5 lbs.
Box: 54 lbs. (Sold Individually)

Landscape Architects:   Please use our (800) 334-4647 phone number on all specifications.
This will allow us to help the contractor bid the job properly.
For pricing information call or email us.