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Since 1951, Redwood Falls Nursery has been owned and operated by three generations of the Buckley family. Redwood Falls Nursery provides full service landscape design and installation services and has a full service garden center. As a well-known southwestern Minnesota nursery, they pride themselves on doing business with third and fourth generations of the same families.


Even though they had been using Oly-Ola's Edg-KingTM round-top landscape edging in their landscape installations, last year they decided to try another landscape edging product.


“We have been stocking Oly-Ola’s landscape edging for over 20 years. Just to see what else was out there, last year we switched to a competitive product. My installation crews quickly found that the quality of this alternate product was substandard compared to the Edg-KingTM landscape edging. The sidewalls were thinner making it easier to cut, but this also made it more prone to cracking and it was easily punctured and flattened very easily. It was not the landscape edging we hoped it would be and we quickly learned that it wasn’t near the quality of Oly-Ola’s landscape edging. We are back with Oly Ola- again this year and won’t be jumping ship anytime soon.”

John Buckley Jr.
Redwood Falls Nursery